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How do you determine fair market rental value?

Regular Rental Survey of prevailing market conditions. Together with Location's search Department, we conduct a monthly survey of rents and availability of rental properties.

Your advantage: Comprehensive research of the market situationg ives us a competitive edge to listing your property at the highest rate, which the market will permit at any given time. The result to you is minimal vacancy and the highest rent, which the prevailing market will bear.

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What kinds of records do you maintain for my property?

Records retention: paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, insurance certificates

Your advantage: If you misplace any records, we can provide you with proper documentation for insurance or tax purposes.

Computerized cash flow statements every month

Your advantage: Statements provide you with detailed income and expense reports, including copies of paid invoices. The statements include month-to-date as well as year-to-date accounting.

Payment of all your investment property’s operating expenses

Your advantage: You will not have to bother with these monthly recurring expenses and these payments will be remitted on time as long provided there are funds available for such payment.

General Excise Tax application and filing and other applicable tax requirements

Your advantage: We take away these time-consuming tasks from you.

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What kinds of written leasing agreements does your company utilize when renting an investment property?

Custom residential rental agreement

Your advantage: No verbal agreements! The use of standardized leasing agreements promotes clear interpretation by all parties.

Special Addenda written specifically by us for our exclusive use

Your advantage: Our Addenda covers terms not addressed in standard leasing documents. Through our years of experience in the field, we focus on those 'red flag' areas that require close monitoring and documentation.

Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Compliance

Your advantage: Procedures and leasing documentation are regularly updated to ensure compliance with revisions to the law. We minimize your risk.

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How do you find tenants?


Classified advertising in local newspapers at discounted rates through our volume rate schedule

Your advantage: All prospective tenants seek rental properties through classified advertising. We compose all ads for compliance and strategic                 placement.

Military off-base housing office rental listings at no cost to you

Your advantage: This free listing provides additional exposure at no cost and no hassles to you. We place your rental listings and we monitor it weekly!

Rental Publications: rental listings at discounted costs through our volume rate schedule

Your advantage: Island-wide distributions at major markets, malls,  street locations, university campuses, and business offices are free to prospective tenants.

"FOR RENT" Hotline

Your advantage: 24-hour hotline access with detailed information about your rental listing. Your cost is discounted through our volume rate schedule.

Locations LLC Real Estate Sales & Research branch offices referrals

Your advantage: Our sales associates refer their clients to us for rentals. These potential sellers/buyers are pre-qualified when they come to us!

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How do you handle tenant relations?

Relationships with tenants are on a professional basis

Your advantage: Enforcement of rules and compliance to Rental Agreement terms are handled in a businesslike fashion. Emphasis is focused upon resolution of tenant problems to your advantage. Dealing with matters of raising rents and lease violations are easier for us because we have a 'business' relationship with tenants. Landlords tend to develop a 'social' affinity with their tenants and enforcing rules often become difficult to deal with.

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Do you conduct property inspections?

Onsite Check In and Check Out Inspections

Your advantage: Onsite inspections provide us with first-hand confirmation and corroboration of the property condition in the presence of the tenant (or owner). Onsite inspections minimize disputes over the property's condition. We also provide the tenants with instructions on proper care.

Periodic Property Inspections for assurance that your property is maintained properly

Your advantage: A well-maintained property will bring you top rental value with minimal vacancy. We take care of minor repairs before they turn into                 major maintenance expenditures.

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How do you collect rents and when do you disburse net rent to the owner?

On-Time Rental Collections

Your advantage: Our strict rental collection policy means your net rental income goes to you without delay!

Immediate follow up with rent delinquencies and NSF checks

Your advantage: Prompt reporting reduces delinquencies.

Net Proceeds to you within a week from receipt of rent

Your advantage: We do not wait until the tenant's check clears their bank account. We can direct deposit it into your bank account.

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How do you screen tenant applications?

Rental Applications, which are legally accurate and current with Landlord-Tenant Code and Fair Housing laws

Your advantage: We ask for information that adheres to fair housing laws.

Consistent, written tenant qualification guidelines

Your advantage: Uniform methods minimize any potential implication of discrimination against any protected group.

Credit report of all tenant applicants

Your advantage: Review of an applicant's credit history allows us to determine whether rental payments will be punctual. Your cost is approximately $5 per report.

Rigid income requirement

Your advantage: Requirement of a 3:1 income to rent ratio ensures us (and you!) that an applicant is financially capable of handling the rental payment each month.

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What are your procedures for maintenance-related matters?

Comprehensive Renter’s Guide written by us for our exclusive use

Your advantage: Detailed instructions for proper care and maintenance of your property reduces your costs to upkeep your investment property!

Reliable licensed contractors or vendors

Your advantage: Due to quantitative business referrals, we are able to obtain dependable service at moderate costs to you. Regular vendors report                 other potential maintenance problems and/or tenant's breach of rental terms to us                 for quick follow up.

Cost-saving discounts on major purchases

Your advantage: We can make purchases for your investment property at wholesale prices.

Monitor and evaluate Tenant Maintenance Requests

Your advantage: You will not be arbitrarily charged with repairs that may be due to tenants' negligence or misuse.

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