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Owners Services

As part of Locations, we are able to offer our clients so much more in our overall services. Not only do we provide comprehensive property management services, we can also provide expert research and analysis on the current real estate market situation. This competitive edge allows us to list your property at the highest rate the market will permit at any time, resulting in minimal vacancies and the highest rent the market can bear.


Some of our other extensive services include:

  • Fiscal and Administrative Management
  • Effective Marketing
  • Professional Leasing
  • Rental Collections
  • Skilled Tenant Screening
  • Physical Management
  • Property Inspections

Fiscal and Administrative Management:


Retaining all records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.) providing monthly cash flow statements with detailed income and expense reports  paying all operating expenses for your property filing your General Excise Tax and handling other applicable tax requirements


Effective Marketing:


Classified advertising in local newspapers at discounted rates through our volume rate schedule military offbase housing office rental listings at no cost to you rental listings in rental publications at discounted rates through our volume rate schedule 24-hour hotline access with detailed information about your rental listing referrals through the Locations real estate branch offices


Professional Leasing:


Custom residential rental agreement in writing, so all parties are in agreement special addenda written specifically by us for our exclusive use to red flag special areas that require close monitoring and documentation Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code Compliance to minimize your risk


Rental Collections:


On-time rental collections, so you receive net rental income without delay immediate w-up with rent delinquencies and NSF checks to Rentcheck direct deposit of net proceeds to you within a week from receipt of the rent


Skilled Tenant Screening:


Rental applications that are legally accurate and adhere to Fair Housing laws consistent, written tenant qualification guidelines, which minimizes any potential implication of discrimination against any protected group credit report of all tenant applicants  (your cost is $7 per report and ensures timely payments) rigid income requirement of all tenant applicants at a 3:1 income to rent ratio


Physical Management:


Comprehensive Renters Guide written by us for our exclusive use with detailed instructions for proper care and maintenance of your property reliable licensed contractors/vendors for dependable service at moderate costs cost-saving discounts on major purchases, often at the wholesale price monitor and evaluate Tenant Maintenance Requests so that you will not be charged for repairs due to tenant negligence or misuse


Property Inspections:


Onsite check in and check out inspections to minimize potential disputes over the propertys condition periodic property inspections for assurances that your property is maintained properly, so we can take care of minor repairs before they become major ones